Why Running is healthy

Why is running healthy?
It’s like a medicine. Running is a popular sport, with no fixed obligations. Really something for me, given my work, I was in the hospitality industry then, ideal. But why? You’d say. As I said, I was in the hospitality industry, long working days, unhealthy obesity and a lot of stress. I often saw the runners walking. A beautiful pass, inexhaustible condition, miles long. That’s what I want and I started. Three weeks, fanatically, then no sense, followed by stopping. And that four times.

The turnaround
Until four years ago. Unhealthy living and eating, an average of 70 to 75 hours of work per week, worryingly overweight. This could not continue to go well and it did not. during work I collapsed and regained consciousness 5 hours later in the hospital. The diagnosis: Overweight, worryingly high blood pressure and fatigue. I can still hear the doctors saying: “You really have to live differently, otherwise you will be back in a month and then for a long time”. That’s where I was and I had time to think. So work less, live more consciously and ….play sports!

A new start
Three years ago, old and new with the well-considered good intentions. I’m going for a run. For the fifth time I was going to start, but if I had the confidence to persevere, not really. My wife advised me to set a goal. A goal that I have to continue with. There was a logic to this, but what goal and how do you tackle it, so that the way back is not an option. A sponsor run was the solution. Raising money for a performance for a good cause. The charity was the foundation Hartenkind and the performance? The Dam to Dam. So said, so done and a new start could begin.

The beginning of an addiction
What a pain in the ass. 1.5 to 2 kilometers made me feel like I was dying. After walking twice this was logical, but the third time I wanted to continue. However, this takes time and I realized that this was the point of disconnection. Now I had to go on. By for myself, for the child of my heart and for the people who sponsored me. It took me three months to walk the 5 km. I was proud, but I wanted more, no I had to do more. And 10 miles is more than two-thirds more. After a month I pressed myself to the 10 kilometers. Once that was achieved, I wanted to go faster. Then I knew that running is really addictive.

Walking instead of a psychologist
I was infected with the running virus. I walked in the Dam tot Dam for Hartenkind and I was 22 kilograms lighter, healthy blood pressure and I felt fit. Two years ago it was the year I tapped the 1000 kilometres and ran my first half marathon. But life isn’t just running. Outside of running I had to deal with a ticking tap and last year I was pretty much burned out. Running gave me peace of mind, it cleared my head, in short walking helped me above it. Not only physically, but also mentally I wouldn’t be able to do without it anymore.

Running is a way of life.
This year I will start my fourth year of running. My goal is to put 5 half marathons on my CV this year. I feel better than ever and can hardly do without it. Running is my psychologist, pharmacy and vitamin H. As a moral of this story I want to give you the following: To anyone who wants to start, step over the first three or four weeks and reward yourself with the first five kilometres. Then you go on, you want, you have to and you notice, running is the best medicine against stress and physical complaints or in other words: running is a way of life, Running is life.

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